Embroidery is a cost-effective way to decorate apparel but there are some things to consider when creating embroidery files. The first is that the higher resolution art, the better the embroidery will turn out. Digitizing takes the art file and converts it into a digital file that goes into the embroidery machine.

Our standard digitizing fee is $35. If two or more files are submitted for digitizing, the second and subsequent files each cost $25 to digitize.

Embroidery pricing is based on stitch count. Total garment pricing is calculated as the logo stitch count cost plus garment price. And when it comes to stitch outs, size matters, shirt size...that is! The price of garments on an order can differ because larger sized garments have a higher base price but the logo price will remain the same. 

Other factors that may play a role in pricing are things like specialty threads or designs with a large color palette. If several or all of the threads on the machine must be changed out to complete a design, there may be additional fees incurred.

All embroidery will be quoted and sample stitched before any garment is sewn.

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