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Direct to Garment (DTG) printing gives us the ability to print one shirt at a time. If your company has new employees and the shirt order you just made with us didn't have enough of a particular size and you need to order 5 more shirts, we will be able to do that for you easily. Before DTG it was expensive to have 5 extra shirts done if you could get them done at all. There are limitations on the materials that DTG can print on. Most companies use 100% Cotton or 50/50 garments so DTG is the ideal method to serve our customers. 



Screen printing is the main method used to produce almost every t-shirt that you see. This method of apparel decorating is best suited for BULK orders of shirts. Because screen printing can be done in the basement of your house, you'll always find someone who knows someone that prints t-shirts. The difference with Top Dog screen printing is our Experience and our Quality Standards. We've advanced our knowledge in the screen printing process year after year. Although we focus on companies in the service industry, we print shirts for a number purposes. If you own a company and we print your shirts, you may be putting on a fundraiser for a charity your company supports. If you need t-shirts to hand out of sale, we can and will accommedate you very easily. The great that with screen printing is the more shirts you order, the lower the cost of shirts in your order become. The production cost comes down so we pass that savings along to you. [More info]



Custom embroidery is the most professional form of decoration for your company apparel. Embroidered apparel in our opinion shows that your company has taken the next step in becoming a trusted brand within your community. Embroidered hats and shirts presents more professionalism when your speaking with clients and potential clients. This is the main value that embroidered apparel has for companies of any size. [More info]



If you are looking to spread the word about your company, promotional products is a great way to do it. How many times have you gotten something such as a pen or a cup that has a company name on it? We bet you can't even count the number of times. It pretty obvious these companies are trying to put the word out about their company. What's even more important is they are keeping their name in front of people long after their promotion has ended. If you've never ordered promotional products for your company, you will be surprized at how affordable they really are. [More info]

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