We believe we're Top Dog in the industry 

In our opinion it's not enough to just know what you're doing to be a Top Dog in your industry or Field. Professionalism in every area counts towards the respect that an individual or team deserves. The whole reason we got into this business was because we needed branded apparel for a residential window cleaning company that we started. We of course were going into peoples homes, so our first thought was, we need to look professional if we want our customers to take us seriously. It turned out very well for us. We kept that company going even after we started our apparel business. Eventually, we desolved the company and went fulltime into the business we have today.


There are many large companies and small companies that we work with every day. It doesn't matter what size your company or organization is to us. Everyone's look counts. When a customer needs only a few shirts because they have someone new, they'll be hard pressed to find anyone who can accommediate them. The understanding that we've developed through our own experience, drives us to find the solutions to the problems that companies and organizations are faced with everyday. Making it as easy as possible for someone to focus on what they do best and not have to worry about taking all the time out of their day just to get something they need, is our goal. We strive to be the Go-To place for the apparel needs of businesses and beyond.


We are constantly researching new products and methods to bring to our customers to make their lives easier. We feel like if you work as hard at your craft as we do at ours, then you deserve a better way to do business. And our services go beyond your work apparel. Businesses represent their communities and like to be invovled within their communities. If a business needs products such as shirts or promotional items for an event, we help them succeed with items and services that get the word out. And also with one's that keep the message going. 


It is our hope that we will be the first place you call when you need help taking your business to a new level. We are happy to offer our knowledge, experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals

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